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Advent Sermon Series. Jesus The Disruptor
The season of Advent is the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. It is a season of preperation when we ready ourselves and our lives to receive the gift of Jesus.
During this season, we will be talking about the disruption that Jesus brings with Him.

December 3rd. Jesus The Disruptor: Sin
Jesus enters into the world, and into our lives, to disrupt patterns and fall-out from our sins. He challenges us to live differently and realted differently. We cannot continue as we are once we did after we encounter Jesus.

December 10th. Jesus The Disruptor: Power
Whenever people of power encountered Jesus, they completely lost their bearings and didn't know how to operate in the midst of such a strong, yet simple, challenge to their power. Pilate the Roman governor, Herod the Judean king, religious leaders; Jesus condounded them all. Likewise, we can lose our bearings when Jesus challenges our power and our privilege. How will we respond to His strong, yet simple, challenge?

December 17th. Jesus The Disruptor: Values
Our values are something we live out. What do we prioritize with our time, money, and energy? Jesus enters into the world to disrupt our normal values. He shows up with a radically different set of priorities and offers us a substanial alternative to the way things are.

December 24th. Christmas Eve
On this special Sunday, we will have two worship gatherings. At 11:00am we will be worshipping with our friends across the street at the Disciples of Christ church.
At 6:00pm we will gather in our sanctuary for a traditional Christmas Eve candlelight worship service of lessons and carols.
For more information, visit the Christmas page.