Current Sermons

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Fall Sermon Series: You Are Called
During the autumn of 2017, we'll be exploring the callings that God has placed in our lives.

Septembrer 10th: You Are Called. What is a calling? How does it show up? Where does it come from? When does it come? How can we respond to it? What all is God asking us to do?

September 17th: You Are Called To Follow Jesus. The first words that Jesus spoke to His disciples were "follow Me." Is Jesus still saying that same thing to us? How did the disciples respond? How can we respond?

September 24th: You Are Called To Compasion. Our communities and our world are hurting. Two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth, His communities and His world were hurting too. We are called to follow the example of Jesus. What is compassion? How do we practice it?

October 1st: You Are Called To The One Table. At the Communion table, we are all gathered together. There is one table for all of us.

October 8th: Guest Speaker Courtney Shucker. Being Our True Selves.

October 15th: You Are Called To The Margins. Jesus spent a lot of time with people that lived at the edges of society. Jesus invested in people who were distant from the places of power, wealth, and influence. As followers of Jesus, we are called to see, serve, listen to, and honor those people who are on the margins of our communities.

October 22nd: When You Are At Your Margins. This message is a direct follow-up to the sermon of October 15th. When we are at our margins, in our individual lives, how does Jesus show up?