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2018: A Year Of Hope. For a whole year, we'll be talking about hope on Sunday mornings. What is it? How do we experience it? What does it do? How do we share it? You're invited to be a part of A Year Of Hope.

First Series: Hope Is Freedom. For the first part of 2018, we're talking about how hope and freedom are intricantly linked in our experirence and in our relationship with God.

January 14th. Hope Is Freedom: From Death. The only experience that we are all 100% guaranteed to have is the experience of death. And it pretty much terrifies us. But does it have to? And how does Jesus speak of and interact with death? (And spoiler alert, but even Jesus dies too.)

January 21st. Hope Is Freedom: To and From Sin. God has given us more free will and agency than we could ever fully understand. We are free to sin as much as we want to. But Jesus calls us to a different type of freedom that releases us from sin.

January 28th. Special guest speaker Nate Calderon.

February 4th. Hope Is Freedom: From Fear. The manipulation of fear is probably the most powerful political tool of our times. Yet the Gospel is a message that rejects and pushes-back against fear.

February 11th. Hope Is Freedom: In A Better System. We as humanity construct systems of power and privilege to the detriment of others and to our own pain. Christ calls us to reject our systmes of oppression and prejudice, and instead to seek first God's reign of radical inclusivity.

Second series: Hope In The Cross. For the season of Lent, that starts on Ash Wednesday which is February 14th, we'll be looking at the power of the cross on which Christ is executed. How can there be hope in an instrument of state terror? How can there be hope in the execution in an innocent person?