Raft Guide Dinners

Dinners for 2017 are a wrap! Thank you to everyone that helped make it a successful summer.

During the summer, hundreds of people come to the Upper Arkansas Valley to work in the white water rafting industry.

Salida United Methodist Church is committed to forming relationships with the raft guides who are part of our community. At the heart of these relationships are free dinners that the church provides for raft guides.

The dinners are held each Wednesday night at the church building during the summer. The food gets going around 7:00pm, and guides are welcome to come before hand to make use of the church showers. 

The dinners are about more than food. Games, music, and entertaining conversation take place before and after dinner.

Vegetarian options are available at each dinner.

You can watch a video here on YouTube about the raft guide dinner





Menu for 2017
June 7: Italian
June 14: BRINNER!!! (breakfast for dinner)
June 21: Mexican
June 28: Thanksgiving
July 5: Soup and Salad
July 12: Chili and Cornbread
July 19: MAC N' CHEESE!!!! MAC N' CHEESE!!!!
July 26: Potluck and finishing off any left overs