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Our Weslyan Heritage: Later Years

September 1, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

Our Wesleyan Heritage:Bristol

August 18, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

Our Wesleyan Heritage: Georgia

August 11, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

Our Wesleyan Heritage: The First Rise of Methodism

August 4, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

People's Choice: Jesus and the Pigs

Sunday March 3, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

People's Choice: Jehoshaphat's Battle Song

Sunday February 24, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

People's Choice: Eliezer

Sunday February 17, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

People's Choice: Deborah

Sunday February 10, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

People's Choice: Moses

Sunday February 3, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

The Prayers of Jesus: On the Cross

Sunday January 27, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

The Prayers of Jesus: In the Garden

Sunday January 20, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

The Prayers of Jesus: Prayer at Lazarus' Tomb

Sunday January 13, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

The Prayers of Jesus: The Lord's Prayer

Sunday January 6, 2019. Rev. Melinda Roberts

Hope In The Church: Eternal Connections

Hope In The Church: Communicator Of God’s Grace

Hope In The Church: The United Methodist Church

Hope In The Church: Pentecost

Hope: You At God's Table

Hope: You As A Person Of The Way

The word "Christian" only appears in the Bible three times. But what appears a lot in scripture is a movement of people called "The Way." What's the difference in today's world between being a "Christian" and being a person of "The Way"?

Hope: You As A Recognizer Of People.

It is easy to ignore people. But Jesus saw and heard and felt all the people around Him. He was especially attentive to those that society and culture pushed to the margins. You are called to do likewise and follow Jesus' example.

Hope: You And What Ever You Do Or Don't have.

God calls us with the skills, talents, resources, and passions that we have. Don't have everything you think you need to follow God's calling? That's why God is God and you're not.

Hope: You And Your Inadequacies

In the midst of what God calls us to, we can feel very inadequate. Don't worry, so has everyone that has ever experienced God's calling.

Palm and Passion Sunday: How Will You Respond To Jesus

As Jesus enters onto the scene, how will you respond? How will you respond when Jesus gets to work?

Hope In The Cross: Sunday Is Coming

The story of Holy Week is a story that covers so....much....time. The cross has Friday. The tomb has Saturday. And Sunday always comes. But what about when it seems like Friday and Saturday last forever?

Hope In The Cross: No More Crosses

In the passion of the cross, Jesus shows us that there is no need for anymore crosses. But we continue to crucify each other, even though Jesus has proven how empty and pointless it is.

Hope In The Cross: Forgiveness Of Sins

Through the work Jesus does on the cross, your sins and all sins are forgiven. At the cross humanity is at our worst, and it is forgiven.

Hope In The Cross: The Kingdom Triumphant

Where do we put our focus, on things that are great in the short term, or that which satisfies for the long haul? Jesus has an interesting, short conversation on the cross about such things.

Hope In The Cross: Embarrass The Empire

The cross was an instrument and a symbol of the violent power of The Empire. How did Jesus transform it into a symbol of hope?

Hope Is Freedom: In A Better System

We live in our human systems of interaction. And often the results of our human systems are far from what God wants for us. What kind of system does Jesus shows us? What did the prophets of old in the Bible say about systems?

Hope Is Freedom: From Fear

Fear, and being afraid, is a powerful experience that can be easily manipulated. And we know that when we act out of fear, nothing good happens. But, we see Jesus set His followers free from fear in the mission He gives them.

Hope Is Freedom: From Death

#SpoilerAlert: everyone dies. If death is universal, why are we so afraid of it? What does the story of Jesus teach us about death?

2018: A Year Of Hope

For all of the year 2018 we're talking about hope on Sunday mornings. For this first message, we ask what hope even is? How does the Bible talk about hope?

Christmas Eve 2017: Take The Light

Jesus bursts into the world to show us the light, but that burst starts in the most humble of ways. You too can be a light that shines.

Jesus The Disruptor: Values

We are finite creatures. What we prioritize with our limited time and resources is how we live out our values. Jesus comes to disrupt our normal self-centered values, and instead teach us the values of The Kingdom.

Jesus the Disruptor: Power

When people and systems of power are in the presence of Jesus, they completely lose their bearings. That's because Jesus shows them, and us, a very different definition of what power is and where it comes from.

Jesus The Disruptor: Sin

As we prepare for the arrival of Jesus during the season of Advent (the time leading up to Christmas), we're talking about the ways in which Jesus shows up and disrupts and unsettles the way things are. For this first Sunday of Advent, we're talking about the way Jesus disrupts our human patterns of sin, calling us to a way of repentance and better relationship.

You Are Called: To Eternity

Spoiler alert: we are finite, moral beings. How do we related to an eternal, infinite God? What kind of perspective is God calling us to? Jesus uses an interesting rhetorical question to call our attention to what's important.

You Are Called: To Experience Forgiveness

There is A LOT to learn from the interactions between Jesus and Judas. There is deep forgiveness that Jesus expresses to Judas around the communion table, and also at the time of Jesus' arrest.

You Are Called: To Follow

In our culture that idolizes leadership, Jesus calls us to follow. What does it mean to follow? And what does it cost us?

When God Shows Up At Our Margins

This message is a direct follow up to the sermon of the previous week, October 15th. God is in the business of showing up when we are at the margins of our life. Hear the story of how God has been doing that since the beginning of the story, and hear a powerful example of Jesus showing up in the life of someone who was at the lowest point anyone can be.

You Are Called: To The Margins

Jesus was born into, lived, and died at the margins of society. Jesus calls us, and Jesus calls you, to join Him there.

You Are Called: To The One Table

Food. It's pretty central to being human. Jesus uses food to gather us together around His one table where there is room for literally everyone.

You Are Called: To Compassion

Jesus, the master teacher, tells us in the story of the prodigal son about how God's compassion works. But, Jesus is also showing us in a very concrete way how we are to have compassion for each other.

Pop Theology: Identity

Who are you? That may be the most important question of your life.

Pop Theology: Disagreement

Who'd a thunk it, but we get in disagreements with each other. It even happens in the church! How do we navigate and move through our disagreements? Check out this sermon, which has a small clip from Star Wars.

Pop Theology: Politics

Oh boy. Here we go. There are two things you're not supposed to talk about: religion and politics. Well, forget that. In this sermon we talk about both, because Jesus talked about both.

Pop Theology: Paul vs. Jesus, part 2

In the continuation of navigating the tension that exists between the words of Paul and the actions of Jesus, we turn to the sacrament of communion to help us see where our guidance comes from.

Pop Theology: Paul vs. Jesus, part 1

Two great figures have done more than anyone ever to shape the Christian faith and the Christian church: Jesus (obviously) and the apostle known as Paul. Who was Paul? What is his story? How do we read his writings? This is the first of two messages on Paul vs. Jesus.

Pop Theology: The Bible

The Bible. It's an important, influential, complicated, big book. How do we read it? Why do we read it? What is God trying to say through it?

Pop Theology: Family

Family may be the most loaded word in our vocabulary. What did Jesus have to say about family?

Pop Theology: Other Religions

In our diverse world with so many different religions, faiths, spiritualities, and no faith, how are followers of Jesus supposed to act and think? For guidance, we turn to how Jesus interacted and spoke about a specific group of people called the Samaritans. This sermon includes an extended teaching time on who the Samaritans were in the time of Jesus and how the people of Jesus view them.

Pop Theology: Sacraments and Rituals

Why do we still celebrate and use rituals that have been around 2,000 years? What could the ancient sacraments do in our fast-paced cutting edge lives? Recorded live in worship with a reading of Luke 4:14-21 and Luke 22:14-19

Pop Theology: Death

SPOILER ALERT: No one lives forever! So why don't we talk about death? What do Jesus and the scriptures have to say about death? Recorded live in worship on 6/25/17 and includes a reading of Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 and John 14:1-7.

Pop Theology: The End Of The World

Humanity is obsessed with the end of the world. When will it happen? What leads up to it? In this sermon, we look at what Jesus had to say about The End Of The World. Note. This sermon utilizes video clips from the episode "End of The World" from the show Parks and Recreation. You can learn more about this episode here:


The work of The Holy Spirit and the work of The Church is to proclaim good news! What is your good news to share? Who will you share it with? And how will you share it?

Questions: Why Community?

Includes a reading of 1 Corinthians 12:12-13:13. Also includes the invitation to communion.

Questions: Why Follow Jesus?

Easter: Look For Life

Holy Week Up Close: The First Communion

Holy Week Up Close: The Crucifixion

There is a lot that is going on and a lot that God is doing during the event of the crucifixion of Jesus. There is substitutionary atonement, but there is so much more; there is healing and teaching as well.

Holy Week Up Close: Jesus On Trial

How do we respond to the challenge of Jesus? The religious and political leaders of His day responded by putting Him on trial. We still put Jesus on trial today. But is that how we are called to respond to the challenge of Jesus?

Holy Week Up Close: Jesus Prays In The Garden

Before he would endure the unendurable, Jesus took time to deeply and intensely pray. In His prayer, Jesus shows us His full humanity and His full divinity. What as Jesus praying for? What are we praying for?

Holy Week Up Close: Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet

When Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, it's important to pay attention to who all is in the room and how Jesus treat them.

Fast For The Future: The Church Universal

To understand the future, you need to understand the present. To understand the present, you need to understand the past. In this sermon, we talk about the future God is calling to Church Universal to. But we start by talking about the history of the church in relation to the power of empire. We then look at 2 Timothy 1:3-14 and the advice Paul has for how the Church can be the church of the future.

Fast For The Future: As Individuals

You have a future, and God wants to work with you so that you're future will be a blessing to others. Includes a reading of Genesis 12:1-4 and Luke 19:1-10.

The Basics: Prayer

This recorded sermon also includes the children's message!!! What is prayer? How do we do it? Why do we do it? How does and doesn't God respond to our prayers?

The Basics: The Trinity

What is The Trinity? How can one God have three distinct expressions? What does The Trinity teach us about God? What does The Trinity teach us about ourselves?. Includes a reading of John 14:25-31 and Acts 1:1-9.

Jesus Came To: Embarrass The Empire

The Christ child that is born in the manger of Bethlehem came with a mission, and that mission was an embarrassment to the power of empire. What is empire? And how does the message, teachings, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus embarrass the empire? Includes a reading of Luke 2:1-7, Mark 15:1-15, and Matthew 28:16-20.

Jesus Came To: Announce Good News

The good news that Jesus brings at Christmas is a good news that starts at the bottom. Where do we find this good news? Who is there? What is there? Includes a reading of Luke 2:8-11 and Luke 4:14-21.

Jesus Did: Give

The life, teachings, relationships, death, and resurrection of Jesus are a story about giving. We see how much God has given and is giving on behalf of the world. How much of yourself can you give for God's Kingdom? Philippians 2:1-11.


A message from guest speaker Sheth LaRue on Luke 21:5-19.

Jesus Did: Give Second Chances

With Jesus, mistakes and shortcomings are never final. Christ is always offering those around Him, and us, as many opportunities for grace as we need. The arms of Jesus are never closed, no matter what. Matthew 21:28-32 and John 6:35-40.

Jesus Did: Rebuke Vengeance

We live in a world that increasingly seeks and promotes the idea and practice of getting vengeance; that we should seek to do wrong to those that have wronged us. But Jesus firmly rebukes and acts against this human desire to get even. Luke 9:51-56 and Luke 23:32-43.

Jesus Said: I Am The Way

Life is a journey, and there are so many directions and styles that journey can take on. Where do we find direction when we need it? What guides us when we're lost or stuck on life's journey? Jesus tells us that He is "the way." What does that mean for us? John 14:1-7.

Jesus Said: The First Must Be Last

Jesus proclaims a kingdom that is completely upside down from the way our world is structured. In Christ's world, the first of this world will be last and the last of this world will be first. How can we live into that radical proclamation? Luke 2:1-7 and Mark 9:30-37.

Jesus Said: Known By Its Fruits

How do we interpret the world around us? How can we make judgements about what is good and what is bad? How can we measure how our foundation for life is built? Jesus the teacher has some words of wisdom to help guide us. He teaches that we can look at "fruit," at the end result of something, to discern its true character. Luke 6:43-49.

Jesus Said: Enough Of This!

September 11th, 2001 was a day of violence. We know that violence is cyclical. Jesus knew that violence was cyclical. So, how did Jesus respond to violence in His presence? How do we respond to violence in our presence? Recorded live in worship on 9/11/16, with a reading of three Gospel messages.

Jesus Said: I Came That They May Have Life

Jesus proclaims and gives life, and the life that Jesus gives is overflowing. The life that Jesus proclaims is a life of abundant relationship, healing, grace, giving, and mercy. But we know that there is much in our world that takes away from life. Recorded live in worship on September 4th, Includes a reading of John 10:7-18.

Jesus Said: The Truth Will Make You Free

Most people value the idea and experience of freedom. But are we really as free as we think we are? What keeps us restrained? How does Christ set us free? Recorded live in worship on August 28th, 2016. Includes a reading of John 8:31-36 and Romans 7:14-25.

Jesus Said: Be Aware

Jesus, and the prophets before Him, said to beware of trusting in the wrong things and to beware of neglecting the important things. Sermon recorded live in worship on August 14th 2016. Includes a reading of Jeremiah 7:1-11 and Luke 20:45-21:8.

Jesus Said: Do This In Remembrance Of Me

We celebrate communion as one of the many ways in which we remember all that Jesus taught, how Jesus lived, and all that Jesus gave. And we need to remember because we very easily forget. Recorded live in worship on Sunday August 7th 2016. Includes a reading of Luke 22:14-27.

Jesus Said: You Have Heard

Recorded live in worship on Sunday, July 31st 2016. Includes a reading of Leviticus 24:17-23 and Matthew 5:38-48. Jesus gives a better teachings than what we have learned.

Rivers: Healing Waters

Recorded live in worship on July 24th, 2016. Includes a reading of Luke 7:18-23 and Revelation 22:1-5.

Rivers: Living Water

How can you be a source of living water in our thirsty world? Recorded live in worship on July 17th, 2016. A reading of Genesis 2:4-10 and John 4:7-15 comes before the sermon.

Rivers: Places To Weep

Recorded live in worship on June 19th, 2016. A meditation on the attack in Orlando, and how rivers are places we go to mourn. Reflecting on Psalm 137 and John 11:25-37.

Healings and Hurts: Violence

How did Jesus respond to the violence around Him? How can we respond to violence like Jesus? Recorded live in worship on Sunday, April 24th 2016. Includes a reading of Isaiah 2:2-4 and Luke 22:47-53

Healings and Hurts: Mental Illness

Mental illness impacts all of us. How did Jesus respond to it? How do we usually respond to it? Recorded live in worship on Sunday, April 10th. Includes a reading of Mark 5:1-20.

Healings and Hurts: Betrayal

We betray and have been betrayed. How did Jesus bring healing after Peter betrayed Him? Recorded live in worship on Sunday April 3rd, 2016. Includes the reading of the passages Mark 14:26-31, Luke 22:54-62, John 21:15-19.

Easter Sunday: "And Sat On It" 3 27 2016

Recorded live on Easter morning. A reflection on the importance of the phrase "and sat on it" in the story of the resurrection. What are the stones that need to be rolled away in our lives? And how can we sit on those stones once they are rolled away?

Palm Sunday: How Will You Respond To Jesus

Recorded live in worship on March 20th, 2016. A look at the different ways the different characters of Palm Sunday respond to Jesus.

Lent: A Time to Take Stuff On (Righteousness)

A sermon on what righteousness and what it looks like, using scriptures from Genesis 15:1-6 and Galatians 3:6-14.

Lent: A Time To Let Stuff Go (Ourselves)

A sermon on selfies and letting our selves go.

Lent: A Time To Let Stuff Go (Distractions)

Recorded live in worship, February 14th, 2016. A discussion of the temptation of Jesus found in Luke 4 and what that teaches us about distractions.

How We Meet Jesus: In Our Worst Moments

Recorded live in worship on Sunday, January 31st. This sermon touches on our expectations of Jesus when things aren't going very good. Based on the story of Lazarus found in John chapter 11, and the story of the crucifixion found in Luke 23:32-43.

How We Meet Jesus: As A Complete Surprise

Recorded live in worship on January 24th. Based on the story of the Walk to Emmaus, found in Luke 24:13-35.

How We Meet Jesus: As An Advocate For Justice

Recorded live in worship on Sunday, January 17th. Includes the children's message and a reading of the scripture passages Psalm 146:1-10 and Luke 11:37-44.

How We Meet Jesus: As A Refugee

Recorded live in worship January 10th, 2016. Begins with a reading of Matthew 2:13-23 and Matthew 25:34-40.

How We Meet Jesus: As A Babby

Sermon recorded live in worship, Sunday December 27th, 2015. Audio includes a scripture reading of Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-7.

Why Jesus?: Our Persepctive

We look to Jesus as a teacher; a teacher that calls us out on things we need to learn and things we need to unlearn. Matthew 5:38-48

Living Like Jesus: Party

We are called to celebrate, even though life and the world can be really messy. John 2:1-11 and 2 Samuel 6:12-19.

Living Like Jesus: How To Die

Even though Pastor Calob makes a goof of the date at the beginning, this Sermon ReHash comes from 2015, not 2005. We look at the lessons we learn on how to face and contemplate death. Luke 22:39-244 and Luke 23:32-46.

Living Like Jesus: Sacrifice

Sermon ReHash for November 1st, 2015. A look at Philippians 2:7 and the concept of kenosis.

Living Like Jesus: Forgiveness

Sermon ReHash for October 25th, 2015. Luke 15:11-24

Living Like Jesus: Expansive Community

Sermon ReHash for October 18th, 2015. Matthew 9:9-13 and Mark 3:31-35