Central to our worship experiece is how we talk about God, share our stories about life, and experience the Bible together. We believe that all this happens on the deepest level when it is done in community with one another.

Part of our worship is the sermon: the pastor's thoughts on scripture, life, Jesus, pop-culture, ect. If you're unable to be present in worship with us, you're welcome to check out digitally what we're talking about .

Video Sermons March 2020 - to present can be found here

There are plenty of ways that you can invest your time, energy, and resources.

We believe that the experience of church offers us community, comfort, and challenge that we will find nowhere else.


The church is composed of people. We bring our ups and our downs, our skills and our shortcomings, our hopes and our disappointments, with us. Church is about people coming together, with everything they carry with them, and caring for one another. Church is about journeying together to live better lives that are more whole, and church is about working together to make the world closer to God's perfect intention.

As a community of people, we share our lives together. And our sharing life together is based upon the values that we learn from our experience of Jesus: grace at all times , love for all people, compassion for all circumstances, and hope through all things. These values guide and shape how we interact with each other and with the world around us.

We are called to be connected to one another. You are invited and welcome to join our community that is inspired by the values of Jesus.

To see how we put community into practice, learn about our raft guide dinners.


Life is full of ups and downs, storms and times of calm, exctiement and boredom. And as we navigate life's journey, we are in need of people to be there with us. The experience of church is an experience of community that is there for one another. When we cry, we cry together. When we laugh, we laugh together. The church exists to be a community of people that are there for one another.

And through all things, the presence and peace of God goes with us.

You are invited and welcome to find a place of comfort in the experience of church and in your relationship with God.


We believe that we are called to constantly live life better. As we go through life, with all its struggles and joys, we are invovled in a process of becoming. God, our creator, issues us the challenge of living into our full potential. Jesus, our redeemer, provokes us to treat each other in a more excellent way. And The Holy Spirit, our movement, empowers us to overcome the obsticles that damage our world.

We are challenged to be invovled in addressing the issues of our world: poverty, hunger, war, and injustice. We are challenged by the teachings of Jesus to work so that every person lives with dignity. We are challenged to love others as much as we love ourselves. You are invited to the challenge of following Jesus.

If you long for community. If you are in need of comfort. If you seek challenge.

You are invited to be a part of what we are doing together.