The centerpiece of our life as a community is worship. We worship on Sunday mornings.
To know more about what we're talking about on any given Sunday morning, visit the current sermons page.

Sunday Morning Worship

During June, July, and August, we gather at our churh building for worship at 9:30am. From September through May, we gather for worship at 10:30am. Fellowship Time follows the worship service.

We gather for worship to intentionally consecrate a sacred place and a sacred time to be in the presence of God our creator and to be in the presence of one another.

What to expect

The worship experience includes music, a spoken liturgy, prayer, readings from the Bible, a sermon, and a special message for children.

You are invited to come as you are for worship. If you are wearing your Sunday best or if you're in shorts and a t-shirt, you'll fit right in.

Wireless headsets are available during worship to assist persons who would like some extra help hearing the service.

For worshippers that use wheelchairs, ample space is provided on the right side of the sanctuary.

Just for kids

Near the beginning of the service, children are invited to the front of the sanctuary to join the pastor in a special, short message just for kids.

After the message for children, kids can either rejoin their families for the remainder of worship or they are invited to join the Sunday School class for a fun time of stories and crafts. (Please Note: During the summer months, our children's program is available during the first Sunday of each month which is also Communion Sunday. Children will be escorted to the Childrens Classroom after the message for Young People and will return to participate in Communion with their families) To be a part of the Sunday School experience, look for the class leader to be standing at the back of the sanctuary following the message for children. If you have question please contact the church and we'll be happy to be in conversation with you.


Communion is celebrated during worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Communion is known by different names in different traditions: Mass, The Eucharist, The Lord's Supper. In the United Methodist Church, communion is a sacrament. It is a ceremony, a celebration, and an act of remembrance of all that Jesus taught and gave. Taking part in communion is an act of accepting God's grace. All people are invited to take part in communion. You do not have to belong to the United Methodist Church, or any church. All you need is a sincere desire to feel God's grace and be transformed by that experience. Your participation in communion is purely a matter between yourself and God. During the sacrament, worshippers are invited to come forward. They receive a piece of bread and dip it into a cup of grape juice. No wine or alcohol is used. Gluten free wafers are also readily available for use during the celebration of communion. If you have any questions, please contact the church and we'll be happy to be in conversation with you.

Community Contemplative Service

You are invited to attend our monthly Community Contemplative Service on the first Sunday of each month at 6:00pm in the Parlor. We’ll share practices of Christian contemplative tradition such as Taize’ singing, centering prayer, meditation, Lectio Divina. Following our prayer time, we will take time to discuss a spiritual topic of the evening.  Tea and light snacks will be provided with a community potluck being held quarterly. Everyone is invited. Please share this info with anyone you think might be interested. If you have any questions, please contact: Eunice Collette at (720) 227-1826, Licia Iverson or Melinda Roberts at (719) 539-2755 (church office).

Dates for Upcoming Community Contemplative Services are:

Sunday, June 2nd - 6:00pm

Sunday, July 7th - 6:00pm

Sunday, August 4th - 6:00pm

Check back for future dates!